hello attention dallas followers wanting the northpark mall meetup thingy

would friday or saturday be better for u idk which day more people would be able to come u feel

  1. shellshitty answered: either! just say what time and where we should meet you and stuff
  2. twerksforcharity answered: i live in houston so neither
  3. the-baron-of-roses answered: i live in irving, so id be down to meet up friday. however if its too cold im going to just stay in bed.
  4. khaleesiunchained said: Saturdayyy
  5. p-rongs answered: funny i wanted to go to dallas on friday but i’ll be in houston instead /:
  6. redheadvision answered: uh! I live 5 hours away :( wish I could come to this…
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  8. 3dmaterial answered: HOLY SHIT, I GO TO THE ART INSTITUTE BY THE MALL
  9. itsnowsintexas said: I’m going there right now lol
  10. tttrillesttt said: Friday if it’s during the day, saturday if it’s in the evening!
  11. flowers-conspiring answered: WAHT AHH
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